Sharing is good

Early one morning last week my daughter got on a plane. for a 10 day birthright trip to Israel sponsored by the Jewish Federation.

The holiest site to the Jewish people is called Hakotel HaMa’aravi or The Wailing Wall. This is a small section of the Western Wall of the Second Temple and is the closest to the Inner Temple that Jews have been allowed to pray. It’s a custom when pilgrimaging to The Wall to place notes to G-d in the crevices of the rock while praying. It is, as David Goldsmith says, one of those “it” moments in life where “it” happens and everything changes.

This morning I drew a small sketchnote to G-d on my Moleskine with a .1mm Neuland marker, cut the sketchnote from the bottom of the page, and gave it to Alana to hand deliver. What to do with the rest of the page? Draw a sketchnote to explain why a piece of the page is missing.

I am grateful to the Jewish Federation for their sponsorship in Alana’s “it” moment and grateful to Alana for making a very small but personally very large delivery for me.