Chipotle and the art of adopting values over products

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This is a reprint of a a post from a blog I wrote on the intranet of a company I used to work for

Earlier today I was reading an article on about Chipotle. The company has an interesting product in the fast food arena. For those of you living on Mars, they make Tex-Mex food that from ingredients that are organically sourced and farmed by sustainable agriculture. Great food at a reasonable price. What piqued my interest in the Slate article was that Chipotle is creating a four-part original series for Hulu called Farmed and Dangerous that’s “intended to be not an advertisement but a broad satire of industrial agriculture.” Chipotle is reportedly conspicuously not present in any of the episodes.

How does this apply to agile? It occurred to me that Chipotle is using a guerrilla marketing approach to promote a set of values instead of directly promoting a product. Chipotle executives say that this stealth marketing is not about “product integration,” but “values integration.” We could learn a thing or two from this.

For more information and a sneak peak at the series, follow this link.