The Nature of Learning is PLAY

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We’re taught to plan the work and work the plan. How’s that approach working for us? Meh.

So why not UN-learn and RE-learn the fundamentals of learning? Why not recognize that we no longer live in the Industrial Age but in an age of interconnectedness where collaboration beats control, where innovation is the key to success, and where success is measured by the quality of relationships and not the thickness of the wallet?

The Framework

The framework for this learning reset is Modern Agile. On the surface it’s fairly straightforward. Just four things…

  • Make People Awesome
  • Experiment and Learn Rapidly
  • Make Safety a Prerequisite
  • Deliver Value Continuously

Everything needed to succeed, regardless of who’s in the relationship or what’s trying to be accomplished lies in these four things. Stop and think about how they apply to your situation. You may or may not figure it out. You may need a spark of inspiration to figure out how to put these things into play.

The Spark for Innovation is PLAY

Play is a multi-dimensional hands-on, minds-on learning experience. It engaged mind, body, and spirit for a purpose. Even if the game seems pointless and silly, chances are that it breaks you out of your funk. When the funky clouds dissipate, great things can happen.

Find your play. Find your purpose.

Find a facilitator. This could be a teacher, a friend, or a coach. And play.