What does it mean to be dedicated?

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The Alarm clock rings. It’s morning. I woke up next to my wife in the West End. I got out of bed, showered, walked the dog, sat down for breakfast with my two daughters, said goodbye to my family, got in my Chevy Volt and drove off to work. My morning was normal – meetings, doing some coding, more meetings.

Lunchtime came around. I was busy so all I could do was to grab a bit at the closest restaurant and plunge forward.

My afternoon was normal as well. I went to my afternoon job and tested some code. At the end of the day, I got into my Ford F150 pickup truck and drove home to my family in Goochland. When I got home I fixed dinner for me and my young son and fed the cat. I had to learn to cook after my wife died during childbirth. Our shower broke a few days ago, so I spent the evening fixing it so that I could take a shower for the first time this week. I’m exhausted at the end of a long day and go to sleep.

The Alarm clock rings. It’s morning. I woke up next to my wife in the West End…..

What is wrong with this story?

  • Who has one life in the morning with a job and a family and another life in the afternoon with a different job and family?
  • How long could you survive this type of life?
  • How successful can either family be when a core member can only be intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually engaged with either family for only half of each day?

Are you dedicated to one family or two? Are you dedicated to one Agile team or two

How does leadership expect Agile teams to succeed when agilists are split between teams?

And what does this leadership approach indicate about the leaders who execute this policy?