A Passover Sketchnote Seder

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This year I decided to hold a sketchnote seder. I started by sketchnoting the fifteen major seder steps on a nine foot long paper on top of my dining room table.

I placed two colored gel pens at each seat and only put out a water glass and a wine glass as the place setting.

We used our traditional hagaddot but I removed the constraints and asked that they draw whatever came to mind as we progressed through the seder, and that someone move a small car around the sketchnote so that everyone would know where we were and what was next.

It worked! Everyone was more engaged during seder than I’ve ever had. The discussions were more topical and had greater depth.

One other deviation… Instead of dipping wine out of the glass and onto a plate for each plague, I told everyone to just put the drop on the sketchnote. The impact was amazing. Most who dripped on the table incorporated the dried wine into their sketching (see below).







So my sketchnote is finished. It contains my original sketchnote, a few corners with very embellished artwork from my daughter, dried juice (we had a dry seder), sketches from everyone at the table, and lots of crumbs and food stains.

Here’s a video walk-through of my sketchnote haggadah —