Whiteboarding Pro Tips from Mike Rohde

Sharing is good

At last weekend’s Sketchnote Symposium Mike Rohde (@rohdesign), author of The Sketchnote Handbook, shared some pro tips for sketching on whiteboards in meetings. Below is my sketchnote of Mike’s talk.

  1. Do your homework. Learn the topic beforehand so you go into the meeting with a shared understanding of the content.
  2. Plan your layout. Plan ahead and have a layout in mind as part of your facilitation plan
  3. Keep your presenter’s notes handy. When presenting on a whiteboard, post your presenter’s notes in the corner for easy reference
  4. Conference room markers are junk. B.Y.O.M. (Bring Your Own Markers)
  5. Color code. Use multiple colors to distinguish the agenda from the topics and annotations.
  6. Use simple drawings. The simpler the better so you can sketch fast and sketch effectively.
  7. Invite others to draw. Sharing thoughts by drawing will foster connections and “ah ha” moments that would otherwise remain hidden.
  8. Share space. “Having shared space is really valuable” so that all ideas are surfaced.
  9. Be neat. Prevent marker color bleed/smear by using your finger to erase intersection points.
  10. Be clear about next steps. Note task assignments with check boxes.
  11. Bonus Tip: Share a pic of the whiteboard as meeting notes.