The Little Guy is in!

Sharing is good

On Saturday we took delivery of our new 5-wide Little Guy trailer. It’s maiden voyage was from the pickup point at Fourish Auto Sales in Elkton, Virginia, up the Shenandoah’s then down the other side onto the flat I64. This was a good first trip as we got to get a feel for how the Ford Escape hauled an 850-pound Little Guy trailer.

Sunday we got power connected to the camper (AC outlet on the light post) and spent a few hours inside playing with the stereo, TV, and lights and getting the bedding set. The exhaust fan makes a pleasing sound to sleep by and draws a nice breeze through the windows in the doors.

The only hitch is that the connection for the portable air conditioner (according to my mom having A/C makes this no longer camping) does not match the connectors built into the camper to receive the A/C hookup. This is kind of a big deal since we are doing a first camping trip this weekend and the weather is supposed to be hot and humid. We’re working on a fast solution.

More to come…