Where’s my little guy?

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Not our gig, but this is how we’ll roll

We are soon to embark on a journey into a subculture of human society – in July we are taking delivery of a tear drop trailer.

We’ve got the trailer on order and have been planning for the maiden voyage since. My sunroom currently looks like a camp store, with a couple of trunks of gear stacks in the center. We’ve packed, taken things out, added things, and repacked several times and we haven’t even seen the trailer yet!

We have done way too much analysis and have a backlog of use cases to solve for. A few of the more expensive ones have already been resolved. We purchased a ClimateRight Air portable air conditioner unit and already have a 5×7 tent “room” because those are the absolute necessities. I have a short list of kitchen equipment we need to run a basic kitchen out of the trailer.

I think that we are both already on the road and not at work in our Little Guy, at least in our minds. All that is left is to take delivery, give him/her a name, hitch it up, and hit the road (Jack).